Transmix Fuel

What is Transmix Fuel?

Transportation mixture (transmix fuel) is produced when refined petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel mix together. When combined, these products no longer meet approved specifications and cannot be used in a conventional manner. A transmix processing unit distills transmix into various types and grades of gasoline and diesel so they then can be used as transportation fuel. This process is analgous to fuel recycling.
Transmix fuel is a by-product of refinery and pipeline operations. The blending/mixing of different products, usually gasoline and diesel fuel, are generated during product blending and pipeline transportation. The transmix is processed back into its core constituants at specialized transmix refining plants. In a transmix refining process, the transmix is generally split into components using distillation. These distilled products can be blended into on-specification gasoline or diesel.
Source Oil and Asphalt Supply is an expert in qualifying transmix suitable for refining. Our extensive network of processors offers our customers cost advantages for beneficial reuse. Source Oil and Asphalt Supply provides a full suite of services including transmix recovery and disposal.