Maritime Recovery Services (MRS)

Maritime Recovery Services, LLC (“MRS”) provides product recovery services to a vast array of marine vessel customers in the petroleum industry. Our customers range from large multinational shipping companies to International Oil Companies (“IOC”).  Our goal is to continue to deliver world-class products and services to our customers in our operating locations. This will enable our customers to reduce their operating costs and improve their competitive position in an economical and environmentally sound manner.


MRS provides a full suite of project management, marketing, recovery and logistics services. Our business model leverages an extensive network of vessel owners and operators, agents, petroleum product manufacturers, carriers and professional recovery service providers. Our core competencies are—

  • Vessel debunkering
  • Recovery of off-specification cargoes
  • Discharging of barge strippings
  • Vessel compartment cleanouts
  • Recovery of crude slops and other petroleum based commodities

Operating Locations:

A list of our operating location can be found by clicking on the following link—

                Cargo De-Slopping Operations Service Regions By State